Pet care services

Before you decide to use our services, we can arrange a no-obligation, introductory meeting with you and your pet to discuss your requirements. 

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Dog Walking


Dog walks can be on an individual basis for dogs that need one-on-one attention or who may benefit from a slower pace. Group walks suit those dogs that are well socialised. We learn about your dog's character, who's friends with who and aim to match them up so that your dog can enjoy some fun-filled, stimulating exercise with friends. We offer a pick-up and drop-off service to drive to local fields, parks or woods or can walk them from your home. Good manners will be encouraged at all times. After lots of supervised fun we return your dog home, towel them down, check water and settle them as agreed. 


Individual dog walk (30 mins) - £10

Small group walk (30 mins) - £8 (additional dog same home +£6)

Small group walk (1 hour) - £12 (additional dog same home +£8) 

Cat Sitting


As owners of two cats we know all too well that they generally don't like leaving home, so we can offer a stress-free alternative to putting your cats in a cattery. If you are going away and need some one to feed and fuss your cat, please give us a call.


We can visit once or twice daily (as you require), to feed and water your feline friends, give them lots of attention and also clean out any litter trays. We will ensure that they are as happy and content when you return as they were when you left.


£7 per visit (covers up to 3 cats) or £12 for two visits per day

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Puppy Visits 


If they haven't had their full course of injections, we offer regular and frequent home visits - to help with toilet training, play with them and clean up any little ‘accidents’ in the house or the garden/yard after their toilet.


Puppies need several small meals a day and regular access to the outside if they are to become properly house trained as quickly as possible.


£14 for 2 visits per day

Home Visits 


We can arrange visits to let out your pet, enabling them to stretch their paws, go to the toilet, have a run about and provide time for us to refresh water/food bowls etc. We can feed, water and clean out your rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters, mice, birds, fish, exotics and other small animals either once or twice a day depending on your pet's requirements.


From £7 per visit

Other Pet Services 


Pet taxi - Ideal for those trips to the vets or groomers, in fact any location you need to get to if you do not have your own transport, have difficulty getting out and about, or simply are at work and don’t have the time. We can transport all kinds of animals such as small pets, cats and dogs. Costs can vary so please call or email with your requirements.


Curtains, Plants and Mail

Whilst looking after your pets, we are also happy to open or close curtains, collect up your mail and water your plants, for no extra charge.